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2019 “New Lands”

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The 4th collection bearing the name New Lands, is about the joyful discovery of breaking new grounds and a curiosity that fuels continuous discovery of novel ideals, materials and an application of techniques. In these pieces, it arrives with a fully formed character that is confident, outgoing, relaxed and even playful all at the same time. There are checkered dresses and suits with a lavish flow, pant and shirt combinations with open silhouettes, raw-seeming fringe dresses, supple and strategic cutouts and wide sleeves. Proportions run from narrow and straight to fluid and wide, the tailoring plays with volume and construction in a way that clearly defines shapes to be worn to full effect by any woman.

Luscious reds, lively blue-red checks, deep navy, gentle green and brown to textured shades of white, show a lot of the changes with this season. Present in all these pieces is the notion of customization, here with press-stud details that trace the wrist, gently folded collars and transformative pockets. It is a refined evolution of the tactile pleasures that are at the core of the label. Season after season, the wardrobe is built to add context to other pieces and be as personal as possible while intuitively channeling the everyday. Building on the tendencies that have shaped the label in the past while breaking new grounds.

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